Bee Keepers for a Lunchtime


Our “Meet The Bees” event at Farnborough Park is always fully booked. We invite our community to become a beekeeper for a lunchtime and discover the significant impact our hives have on enhancing the business park’s biodiversity.

We are deeply committed to this initiative, with three members of our park team enrolled in a beekeepers’ course. With our hives abuzz with activity, they will maintain a bee diary to monitor progress.

We were thrilled to observe the queen bee in Hive 2, previously marked with red for easy identification, alongside the new virgin queen, who has not yet laid eggs. We also marked her for future tracking.

Queen bees are specifically laid as eggs in larger cells, deliberately constructed by worker bees to foster queens. A queen bee emerges 16 days after the egg is laid, transforming from egg to larva in just three days.

The larval stage lasts about six days before it becomes a pupa, completing its development in 13 days post-hatching. The first queen to emerge will seek out and destroy other potential queen cells to ensure her dominance in the hive.

Of course we’re all looking forward to the honey harvest in late summer and we hope to bring lots more updates about the hives as our team’s bee keeping skills develop!