The evolution of working culture has escalated in recent times, with the influence of smart working allowing us to redefine our workspaces and achieve a better work life balance.

Technology and the tools we use for work are also playing a big part in the change to a smarter working environment, so let’s look at what smart working actually means and how it can benefit your business.

What is Smart Working?

The essence of smart working is flexibility, aided by innovative solutions to modern day problems. This flexibility includes the locations where we work and the dedicated workspaces we perform our tasks at. It also includes the hours we work and how we schedule our time. There are some smart working myths out there regarding who this flexibility really benefits, but it really is all about everybody working more intelligently to grow the business.

Changes in these aspects of working culture have also introduced a new dawn of shared responsibility. This is a style of management which places responsibility on each employee for the growth and success of the business, with this expectation complemented by complete transparency throughout the company, including the management.

All of this has been made possible by the advances in local, social and mobile technology. Colleagues no longer need to be in the same room or even the same building for effective communication and collaboration. Social media has expanded marketing possibilities far beyond what they were even five years ago. And mobile technology has already completely changed how the majority of internet users access the web.

All these technological developments have inspired innovative new ways of working smarter, so now let’s look at why it is so advantageous to work in smart garden offices or any other kind of smart space.

Advantages of Smart Working

To be as successful as possible, a business needs its workforce to perform at their best. To perform at their best, employees need motivation. Being motivated means being productive. It means being focused. It means seeing solutions instead of problems and taking personal responsibility for the success of the company.

Smart working empowers employees and inspires them to innovate and take the initiative. By moving away from old fashioned work cultures like outdated hierarchical structures, strict 9-to-5 hours and bland or boxy offices in sterile buildings, employees can really feel they are a valuable part of the path to success.

It all comes down to productivity increasing when empowered and highly motivated employees enjoy their work environment.

Another huge advantage of smart working is the reduction in costs. A smart office in a place like Farnborough Business Park can have lower operating costs for the likes of heating and electricity, as well as scenic outdoor spaces to help maintain everybody’s motivation to keep their productivity levels up.

The advanced communication technology of a smart space also means fewer necessary business trips, with many modern companies choosing video conferencing over expensive flights or train journeys. Other modern businesses are allowing some employees to voluntarily remote work, with savings to be made even if they remote work just one day a week or just for a couple of days a month.

The advantages of a smart office also reduces absenteeism, which again reduces costs and is a sign of a happy and healthy workforce.