At Farnborough Business Park we have biodiversity plans in place and work closely with our award-winning onsite landscape team Nurture. We are fortunate that Nurture go above and beyond to create areas on the park to encourage new wildlife to join the park community.

Each area attracts different habitats and species. At Farnborough Business Park, Nurture created a hedgehog box using old pieces of wood. The team set up a camera to see what is going on. There haven’t been any hedgehogs spotted yet, but wood mice, magpies and even a badger has been exploring.

The team has also been working on a pond, putting plants around the edge to create a wildlife pond. They have even included a step, to make sure that the wildlife can reach the water safely without falling in.

We are always keen to encourage new wildlife to the park. We understand the importance of wellbeing and aim to support our occupiers by providing a framework for sustainable and happy communities. The hedgehog box and other initiatives across Farnborough Business Park all contribute to this.