Over the last 12 months, our working lives have changed in several important ways. One thing the pandemic has taken away from us all is the unique joy of working side by side with other people. Remote work has been made possible thanks to recent advances in technology, and it was certainly necessary during 2020 because of the pandemic, but now we’re starting to return to normality. We’re finally getting back to the office.

If your business has been displaced by COVID and you’re looking for new premises in which to set up shop, what do your options look like? Office space in a town or city centre is always an attractive prospect in theory, but it’s often overpriced and you also have to worry about sorting out everything from the electricity to the security yourself. That’s why Farnborough Business Park could be just the solution you’re looking for.

What is a business park?

Whereas many city centre office buildings were initially designed to be multipurpose spaces, the sole purpose of a business park is to house offices and businesses of all shapes. They are often located on main roads for optimal access and are furnished with everything you’ll need to hit the ground running with your enterprise, whatever its size.

Farnborough Business Park is set among stunning open landscaped spaces and pioneering architecture. Our park is strategically located minutes from the M3 and is integrated with the neighbouring heart centre. But what are the real-world benefits of setting up your business at Farnborough Business Park?

Top 5 Farnborough Business Park advantages

1. Amenities

The amenities at Farnborough Business Park are truly exceptional. You’ll find fully integrated facilities with in-house housekeeping and security services, car parks, air-conditioning and everything in between. This means business owners can simply rent the space, turn up and have all their needs taken care of.

2. Location

Farnborough’s central location, just 60 minutes from London’s centre, allows for closer connections for all employees – the town centre is just 10 minutes’ walk away and there is direct access to the national motorway network via the M3. It’s also right in the heart of the UK’s main business jet hub. The park also boasts its own transport links to local train and bus stations,  making it easily accessible to commuters and locals alike. And there is of course plenty of parking for employees who drive. So why not discover all Farnborough Business Park has to offer as a connected location?

3. Sustainability

Farnborough Business Park was built with sustainability and biodiversity at the forefront of its operating strategy. Businesses today have never been more concerned about their carbon footprints and the wellbeing of their employees and these align perfectly with the modern sustainability goals of Farnborough. Farnborough employs an innovative and dynamic approach to sustainability management and biodiversity, and is committed to reducing the park’s consumption of the Earth’s limited resources and preserving them for future generations. The park is proudly committed to creating a positive impact on local communities and incorporating innovative solutions and sustainability criteria into the way the business park operates.

In the last two years alone, Farnborough Business Park has:

  • Certified eight buildings with BREEAM In-Use, and achieved two “Excellent ratings and six “Very Good” ratings
  • Continued the LED light replacement programme in managed areas.
  • Upgraded taps, shower heads and WCs in managed areas to water-conserving equipment.
  • Installed cycling and end-of-trip facilities in buildings.
  • Undertaken air quality testing on all multi-occupier buildings.
  • Increased the number of car-charging points across the park.

4. Hospitality

People who value every aspect of company life, including the camaraderie, will definitely appreciate the social aspects and dining options of Farnborough Business Park. From cafés, shops and restaurants to pubs, gardens and even fitness suites, Farnborough Business Park is equipped to provide workers with everything they’ll need to stay fed, watered and sociable. Think of Farnborough Business Park as a self-contained business community with all the events and activities that implies. Indeed, you’ll find dozens of events being organised on-site every week, encompassing everything from fitness to bike repair.

5. Neighbours

Not only does working at Farnborough Business Park mean you’ll enjoy a more focused and dedicated environment, it also means you’ll be sharing the space with other businesses and like-minded individuals. If your business values the concept of networking then there are few locations more suitable than a business park.

Farnborough champions future thinking and connected communities, and powers productivity. It’s the ideal location for your business, whatever your business might be.

If you would like to enquire further about the benefits working at Farnborough Business Park could bring to your enterprise, contact us today and we’ll be happy to arrange a tour of our premises.