Business park amenities: creating a work-life balance


The best business parks offer more than just office space – they provide employees with amenities that promote health, well-being, and work-life balance. From onsite gyms to walking trails, these features allow workers to take care of their physical and mental health during the workday.

Providing work-life balance resources also helps companies attract and retain top talent. 


Fitness facilities

A well-equipped gym or fitness centre allows employees to exercise without leaving the office campus. Features like weights, cardio equipment, and space for yoga or aerobics classes make working out before work, during lunch, or after hours convenient.

Some companies offer onsite trainers, exercise challenges, and fitness-tracking programs. Locker rooms with showers let commuters bike or jog to the office. Encouraging exercise boosts energy, relieves stress, and keeps employees healthy and engaged.


Healthy dining options

An office cafeteria with wholesome meals makes smart eating easy. Salad bars, lean proteins, whole grains and lots of veggie options are ideal. Look for minimally processed ingredients and healthy global cuisines. Providing nutritional information helps people make informed choices.

Avoid vending machine snacks and chocolate bars by stocking smart snacks like fruit, nuts and protein bars. Be sure to offer special dietary accommodations like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and allergy-friendly meals.


Outdoor spaces

Access to the natural world does wonders for mental health and creativity. Parks and green spaces allow people to get away from their desks and enjoy fresh air. Landscaped grounds with trees, gardens and ponds create an inspiring, relaxing atmosphere.

Walking trails encourage movement and exploration. Sports fields and courts allow colleagues to connect through friendly games and competitions. Picnic tables make an appealing spot for alfresco lunches or working meetings.


Childcare and family resources

Onsite daycare and after-school programs provide invaluable support for working parents. The ability to check in on children during the day alleviates stress. Emergency babysitting services help when regular arrangements fall through.

Nursing mothers’ rooms, parental leave policies and child sick days demonstrate a family-friendly culture. Consider hosting family social events, parenting seminars and take-your-kid-to-work days. These accommodations help employees balance their personal and professional lives.


Transportation programs

Commuting benefits encourage green transportation choices. Subsidised public transit passes make taking the bus affordable and convenient. Bike-to-work incentives like indoor bike storage, shower facilities and repair stations promote cycling.

Ride-sharing programs can facilitate carpooling to reduce traffic. Providing electric vehicle charging stations accommodates green commuters. Taking advantage of transportation alternatives improves sustainability.



Providing fitness amenities, healthy dining choices, outdoor spaces, childcare accommodations, and commuting programs gives employees the resources they need to thrive at work and home. The ability to take care of their bodies, spend time with family and get around conveniently allows for true work-life balance.

A business park designed to meet employee needs will foster a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. Companies prioritising work-life balance set their people up for success while demonstrating corporate social responsibility.


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