Farnborough Business Park gets park-wide Wi-Fi access


As we move into a more “contact-free” world, the park management team have been working closely with Office Any Place to install park-wide Wi-Fi access in common areas around the business park  – both internally and externally – including receptions, terraces and Heritage Square.

This new upgrade to Farnborough Business Park allows occupiers to have more capacity for a phased return to work when it is appropriate to do so; allowing employees to have more options on where they choose to work – thus resulting in less overcrowded offices.

This is an open network where anyone is be able to connect with ease. Passwords and barcodes have been displayed in the managed buildings to allow for quick and easy connectivity.

Aviators café also has Wi-Fi access which is separately managed by them.

We are very excited to make this feature available at Farnborough Business Park to help improve work/life balance, productivity and to keep up with ever-changing business requirements.

Our onsite teams will be available to assist with any issues or concerns.