New lighting for better safety


Fraser Property UK’s Farnborough Business Park has managed to solve the problem of the evenings getting darker earlier without increasing the amount of lights they have. New lighting has been installed at Farnborough Business Park meaning the area is much safer and brighter to walk around at night.

Whether occupiers at the business park are leaving work or local residents are enjoying a bike ride or dog walk in the evening they will notice a big difference. The increased lighting will also ensure that safety is increased. Having had an attempted break-in a few months ago, Farnborough Business Park security officers Barry Morris and Hom Thapa Magar were given an award for identifying intruders breaking into an occupiers building. The security officers managed the situation quickly and effectively, which enabled the police to attend and arrest the intruders.

Chris Field, Estate Manager at Farnborough Business Park said: “We are delighted with the new lighting at Farnborough Business Park, not only does it make our occupiers feel safer but also local residents too. We have increased visibility whilst reducing our carbon footprint, which keeps in line with Frasers Property UK’s roadmap for achieving net zero carbon across the whole portfolio by 2050.”