Farnborough Business Park occupiers inspire the next generation


The team at Farnborough Business Park and onsite occupiers are continuing to inspire the next generation of workers by teaming up to host a Virtual Workplace Experience Day for students at Wavell Secondary School.

Farnborough Business Park’s Occupier Engagement Manager , Katy Marlow, contacted businesses on the park who wanted to get involved to inspire the next generation of workers.

This project involved some great occupiers, including  Exclaimer, Hydra and Osprey who nominated individuals within their company to film short clips explaining what the individual’s role is and what working for the business is like.

With this, the year 9 and 10 students were able to gain an insight into a number of different career paths, giving them  a better understanding of what their own aspirations were and gain exposure to the type of roles that were available in their area, from the comfort of their own homes.

We hope this project was able to inspire and help the students at Wavell Secondary School, as well as any other students who saw the videos and we would like to give a massive thank you to the companies at Farnborough Business Park for getting involved in this virtual event aimed at helping the local community.

To see the selection of different videos, please visit:

Estate Manager – Chris Field | Adam – Exclaimer | Kyle – Exclaimer | Craig – Exclaimer | Sacha – Hydra Video | Joseph – Hydra Video | Connel – Osprey CSL |