Farnborough Business Park have set up the ‘CMPP Football League’

Farnborough Business Park have set up the ‘CMPP Football League’
FBP Occupiers and CMPP Partners form this 6-a-side league which is held at Connaught Leisure Centre, Aldershot every Wednesday evening.
Matches are played on the fabulous 3-G pitch which is also floodlit.
Staff at Connaught Leisure Centre manage the games, provide qualified referees and collate info on results and fixtures.
The league is also a superb way to help employees, individuals and teams to stay fit, healthy and active.
Each player pays £3 to play and after costs are deducted the remaining money goes into the Youth Aspirations Fund which has already granted out over £15,000 to local charities.
To find out more about where the money raised goes visit: www.communitymatterspartnership.org.uk
The Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) is a network of socially responsible local companies and organisations who work together through a variety of projects and initiatives to raise money for a Youth Aspirations Fund (YAF).
If you are interested in taking part in the CMPP 6-a-side charity league, either as an individual player or by entering a team from your workplace, please email eventsandcommunity@farnboroughbp.co.uk or call 01252 701077