Keeping Everyone Safe – community testing


Did you know that around one in three people, who have coronavirus, don’t have any symptoms, but can still pass the virus to others?

Who should take the test?

If you are regularly going to work or leaving your home for essential trips, you should visit the local community testing centre for a coronavirus test. You can find the testing centre at Farnborough Leisure Centre.

This testing centre is for people who do not have coronavirus symptoms, but want peace of mind. By community testing, it will help break the chains of transmission and reduce the spread of the virus in Farnborough.

Do I need to book?

You do not have to make an appointment, you can simply drop in for a test at a convenient time.  Or if you prefer, you can book a set time. To get a test, you must be aged 16 years and over and not show any symptoms of coronavirus.

If you live or work with primary school, secondary school or college age children, or you are part of a childcare support bubble, you can use the testing centre too.

How does the test work?

The test used is a rapid lateral flow test. This involves taking a swab from your nose and throat, using a long thin cotton bud type swab.  You will get the results in about an hour by text message which will confirm your results and what to do next.

There are also test at home lateral flow kits from a number of testing sites. If you would like to be able to regularly test yourself at home, the nearest collection site is at the Parsons Barracks car park, Ordnance Road, Aldershot.