Talking is good for you – it’s that simple!


Farnborough Business Park were delighted to mark World Mental Health Day on the 10thOctober 2018, by hosting a Tea and Talk event. Occupiers were invited to join the Farnborough Business Park team in Aviators Café where a host of irresistible cupcakes were on sale which were kindly donated by Austen’s of Frimley Green, and free tea and coffee was provided.

At Farnborough, we understand the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and were delighted to be able to offer occupiers the opportunity to connect and socialise over a slice of cake. Staying connected is often more important than we realise and with us spending a large proportion of our lives at work it is vital to be able to talk to colleagues and form strong relationships.

We also teamed up with Memiah, who run a directory for mental health services and produce a free digital monthly magazine Happiful, who provided us with useful resources to pass onto our occupiers and place in our reception areas to further enhance awareness of mental health in the workplace.

We raised a fantastic £183.70 for Mental Health Foundation, improved the wellbeing of our workplace and created a more mentally healthier community. Not bad for a cup of tea and a natter!

Resource links:
Counselling Directory – Self care
Counselling Directory – Workplace wellbeing
Memiah – Self care at work
Mental Health Foundation
Austen’s of Frimley Green