Farnborough Business Park Christmas Gift Drive


Farnborough Business Park once again held its annual Christmas Gift Drive, collecting brand new toys, clothes, vouchers, make-up and jewellery for some much deserving young people in our local charities.

Occupiers were able to take part by claiming one of the gift tags hanging from the Christmas Tree in each reception, the tag specified an age range, gender and suggested gift for a nominated young person. Occupiers were then tasked with shopping for a gift, wrapping the gift and placing it back under the Christmas Tree.

We were absolutely blown away by the generosity of our Occupiers after receiving a record-breaking number of gifts.

Gifts were then donated to some very worthwhile charities such as, Step by Step, Frimley Park Hospital, The Vine Centre, Sandhill Community Group and Creating Futures. These gifts will go to homeless teenagers, children from areas of extreme deprivation and children who find themselves in hospital during the festive period.

The charities were absolutely delighted with the gifts and made sure that each and every gift found its way to a young person in need to brighten their Christmas. A huge thank you to all our occupiers for getting involved!