Jars of fresh honey from onsite bees gifted to onsite teams


Farnborough Business Park is home to 2 beehives and around 2000 bees. The beehives are situated  near the Barons BMW showroom on Farnborough Road and are maintained by Nurture Landscapes who provide, supply and manage the beekeeping (apiary) services on the park, as well as looking after the general biodiversity and landscaping

The honeybees were introduced to the park in 2018 and since then, we have seen the colony grow, with fresh honey being continuously produced. Every year, the bees work hard and produce an impressive amount of honey and as park tradition, every Autumn Nurture Landscapes extracts the honey from the hives and packages it into jars – which we like to gift to our hardworking onsite teams.

Exact bottle numbers are dependent on the amount of honey harvested, but on average two hives can generate up to 200-300 jars so it’s great to be able to reward the park teams with such a delicious early Christmas present, produced right here at Farnborough Business Park!

Having this feature onsite allows us to improve and maintain the wellbeing of all of our occupiers and find different ways to engage with them. We host regular annual events such as “Meet the bees” which is one of our more popular events, where under the supervision of a bee keeper, occupiers can be introduced to the ways a hive operates, life cycle of a bee, identifying the queen and of course – honey making. Stay tuned for the next one in 2021.

We are very proud to home such a unique and sustainable feature that not only promotes biodiversity, but also occupier wellbeing. Thank you to Nurture for providing Farnborough Business Park with the supply and management of our beekeeping (apiary) services and we hope everyone enjoys their very own jar of fresh honey!